Quick Stencil Project on My Lampshade

The swirl design matches the black design on the curtains - though it's hard to tell in this photo

Some people plan little decorating projects around their house like they were going to war.  They think about it, look up photos, make a list of the materials they need, shop for just the right everything, to do the project and then take hours to get everything just right, accomplish the project and then critique their work.

Then, there are people like me.  I'm improvise everything- do things on a whim.  Eh, it's how I roll.

The other night I was thinking about going to bed.  I went into the kitchen to put a coffee mug away and then planned to grab a book and read myself to sleep.  Instead, I saw my plain linen lampshades, thought about how I was going to have to replace them soon as they didn't go with the decor in the new house and how ugly they were next to the new curtains.

In a split instant I remembered a wall stencil I had purchased back around 2005.  I also knew I had 2 tiny bottles of fabric paint in the kitchen drawer because I had just bought them to stencil my sons name on the back of two t-shirts at Christmas.  It was only paint in the house;  1 bottle black, 1 of blue.  Cool.  Let's try it.

Instead of going to bed, I took the lampshade into the kitchen, duct taped the plastic stencil to the shade the best I could (as the stencil is made for a flat wall of course!) and mixed the paint on a paper plate.

Here is the shade, my wall stencil , a tiny leftover bottle of paint and a $.57 sponge brush from a DIY store I had in the junk drawer.

The stencil didn't lay flat because it's so large.  I knew I could have transferred the stencil to a piece of parchment papers, cut it out with an exacto knife and laid the parchment stencil flat on the shade (and you certainly can do that!) but it's soooo not me.  I'm to impatient.  When I want to do something, I want to do it 'now' and I'll improvise and 'make it work' with what I have on hand.

I did 2 black swirls on each side.  I let them dry and later added some black paint to the blue to make a dark grey and added two more.   At that point I was out of blue paint.  My plan is to pick up another small bottle of paint the next time I'm running errands and I want to add another layer of swirls in lighter grey to match the curtains and bedding.

Cost of this project was zero since I had leftover items to work with.
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