My daughter's bedroom decor: 5 foot tall dandelions. Cost? About $60

This week was productive in the new home in that I have chose a dentist, I *think* I've finally chosen our family doctor's, got my library card, did a Sam's Club trip and a grocery trip and stopped by the local church we might attend.

The wall decor we ordered for my daughter's room also was delivered so I got that up that night.  We love it!  There are many, many places you can order your wall decor from - it's the self stick vinyl that caught on as a fad a few years ago and thankfully, it's still popular, as I still love it.  So easy and so fun.  

I ordered 5 foot dandelions and the application is fairly easy once you read directions.  We love the look and total cost was about $60.  (Do a simple search online for wall art, words, vinyl, etc and you'll find many companies that offer these.  I've ordered from a couple different places over the years.)

Placement of the images on the wall before removing the backing paper

Close up image you can see thru the paper

Placement of how we generally wanted the pieces to go before removing the paper and applying them
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