Horrible Experience with the Dress Company tidebuy.com

This week my 16 year old daughter and I have been online looking for prom dresses.  It reminded me to ask my older daughter (in college) how she ever came out with trying to get her money refunded on a dress she ordered online from a site called Tidebuy.com.  

She found a dress she wanted to wear for a very special New Year's Eve date.  She is a college student with very little money but she spent the $75 on the dress from Tidebuy.com (plus shipping) and was SO excited.  She waited for it patiently as she was flying to our home 1000 miles away from school for Christmas, and then would be flying directly to Washington state to see her long distance boyfriend and celebrate New Year's.   The day before she flew here the package came.  She was so excited! 

Until she put it on.  The dress was beautiful until a human put it on.  The roushing was pretty, but they had ripped the fabric and there was a spot where it hung down and was not sewed in the seam.  That was fixable with a little thread and needle but the top.  Oh my.

The top of the dress was CUT POORLY.   Someone cut the top completely crooked so that a good 4 -5 inches were missing from the side of the bust.  One side was fine, the other cut off so short that half of a boob hung out.  Since I sew, she asked if I could fix it.  We debated many different ways and even thought about buying a lace half top to wear over it, but nothing worked. 

Their site promises returns and disputes if you contact them within 7 days and take pictures to prove your case.

They LIE.  It ends up they are out of China and make the 'copy cat' dresses you see on the site.  I'm sure they normally do a good job, but on orders like this where the product is so badly made it's unwearable, they DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT nor their website promise.

Actually, they hide behind their sudden 'lack of understanding English'  and answered emails with "we are sorry you do not like your dress."   They answered every one of her emails this way until she finally gave up (which I'm sure is what they plan on people doing.)

It's ripped, it's cut wrong.  It's missing an entire piece of fabric.  But they wouldn't return her money even though she would pay the shipping to send the dress back to them to see for themselves.

In the end it was almost $100 wasted for a dress that is unwearable.  We spent two days in a rush, shopping to find her a new dress the week of Christmas. 

Feel free to order if you wish, but be WARNED.   Tidebuy.com  is a website we will NEVER buy from again.  

And - although I almost never, ever do this -  as a Mom who saw her daughter taken advantage of and money pretty much 'stolen' from her, I decided the least I could do is warn others about prom dresses and homecoming dresses and wedding dresses from that site. 

You may not get what you were promised... and the dress might be so badly made it's unwearable.
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