Homemade Drink Coasters

With the relocation and move to a new home, I've been spending more time than I'd like to in stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Currently I'm trying to match a specific color of grout used in the master bathroom that needs some repair work so I've spent a lot of time in the tile aisles!

Every time I see the plain, cheap $1.00 (ish) tiles I always think of the pretty and easy drink coasters you can make with just a tile and pretty paper. It's something I made way back in my early Girl Scout days as a Brownie but these days the paper choices are amazing and beautiful with fabulous scrapbook paper to choose from.

For an affordable, easy hand made gift or just for fun tiles at your own home, give it a try!

Purchase 1 extra of as many 4X4 inch tiles as you wish to make
(the one extra is in case you don't like how one turns out or you mess up or it gets broken, etc.)
Scrapbook paper of your choice (affordable at Walmart!)
  or wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc.
Mod Podge (buy at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.)
Clear spray paint
Sponge brush
Felt pads with adhesive on the back

You can use your tile as your guide and draw light pencil lines around the tile on the back side of your pretty paper.  Cut just inside your line, not on it.  By cutting inside your lines you ensure a small border around the paper so it will lay flat on your tile.  If using a ruler, cut squares about 3 5/8" (less than the 4 inch tile) for the same reason.    Adhere the papers to the tile using Mod Podge.  Sponge brushing a layer on top as well and smoothing the paper down.  Let dry.  Spray the tiles with light coats of clear spray paint.  Let dry completely.  Use large felt pads or 4 small round pads on the back of your coaster.   Done!
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