The decorative finial on the end of your curtain rod is too skinny and falls out?

Decorative finials on curtain rods

Typically the decorative fixtures on the ends of your curtain rods have a nice, tight fit.  However, if you've taken it off many times or you just got a lemon, it might be too loose and you have problems with it hanging at an angle or perhaps falling out.

My hint for readers didn't come from this 'problem' but my fix works for you too!

I ordered curtain rods for new curtains but realized when they arrived that the space wasn't very long and I didn't need both rods.  (As you know, curtain rods come with 2 pieces, one thinner than the other that fits into the first.  You slide them to make them larger or smaller to fit your space.)   I only needed one rod and with the second inserted it was too long.  I removed it and am going to use the inner rods for a second set of 'free bonus' curtain rods on another window. However, the ends of the rods are made to fit the finials and by not using the inner rod, one side of my outside rod was too large for the decorative finish.

No problem!  I immediately knew what I wanted to do.  I took a rubber band that had came on the end of a head of broccoli, and snipped it in half.  I wrapped the band around the end of the finial and slipped it into the curtain rod.


Cut the rubber band and wrap around the end of the finial

Insert it into your curtain rod for a snug fit!

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