Grass Seed That Actually Grows! (And QUICKLY!)

Baby Grass!
To explain to you why I'm so excited to grow baby grass, I need to remind my readers of a previous post...   I have to remind you of how my exhaustion and stupidity came together one night after working late at the office  (I posted about this mistake previously, talking about how our home is on the market to sell so we can relocate across the country).  

Arriving home exhausted on a hundred degree day I knew I had a 'to do' list that I had to get knocked out.  It included mowing and fertilizing the yard.  I mowed front and back and was ready to cry, I was just so hot, filthy dirty and tired.  But I had a house showing scheduled and told myself to just hurry and get the fertilizer down and be done with it.  It was getting dark, it was still in the 90's temperature wise and I was miserable and covered with itchy grass clippings, but I hurried to get the fertilizer down.  And the hole in the spreader was too large and letting out too much fertilizer.  Wherever I slowed down or turned corners, I dumped too much and got fertilizer burn.

Unfortunately we've had one of the hottest and driest seasons on record which made my mistake all the worse!  I watered the spots heavily every night for a week to douse the fertilizer and then invested in a lawn dye to dye the patches until I could put seed down.  Finally, after about 4 weeks I knew baby grass would grow, so I set to work putting down grass seed.

The first application I tried I used Scott's Grow Anywhere Seed and it did work to some extent, but we had such a hot and dry season that the only place the seed really grew was in the shade.  It also has a brown mulchy base that is somewhat difficult to see when it gets dry so you have a hard time 'finding' the patches sometimes and knowing where to water.  The only other thing I didn't completely care for was that the seed mixture is a very light colored lime green when the rest of my grass is a darker green, so even though there is grass, it's a very tell tale sign.

I then bought a small package of another brand  on my next trip;  Pennington's grass seed with mulch. This one has a turquoise green colored base which I didn't like at first because it's more noticeable than the brown, but in the end I loved how it held moisture and made it easy for me to see where I needed to water every day.  However, it was so hot and I was working full time at the office so my watering was not keeping up with the intense sun beating down on it each day.

Last week I not only resigned from the office but the temperatures were down to the 70's and 80's instead of hovering near 100 so I went to the store and this time decided to purchase BOTH brands. 

I decided to mix the two brands for a couple of reasons.
  • To get a mixture of grasses for better blending
  • To get the benefits of both styles of mulch 
  • To have a more natural blend of brown and green to cover the patches during growing
I poured both bags into a wheelbarrow, mixed them together and used this blend to cover the patches in my yard.

A mixture of two brands with brown and green mulch to hold in the moisture

Baby grass poking through the mulch after just a couple days!

ONE WEEK LATER!  I'm thrilled!

Pennington Seed Inc 5Lb Zenith Zoysia Seed 199988 Grass Seed  Scotts 17432 Turf Builder EZ Seed Grass Mix, 20-Pound
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