Dye it! What I did when I had fertilizer burn.

Our house is currently on the market and I'm constantly busy with one project or another on top of the other 197 things I already had on my plate. It's partly because I was so busy that the other night when I had been going 100mph all day long since 5:am I should have stopped with the yard work and showered and went to bed... but I told myself to pull off just one more job. Fertilizing.

Oh yes, I should have stopped for the night and tackled it the next; but I didn't. And I can't turn back the hands of time.

Because I was exhausted, it had been 100 degrees, I was hot, sweaty, dirty, smeared with dead bugs, grass and who knows what else, I was in a hurry and I rushed the fertilizing process. Big mistake. The dial on the fertilizer spreader was too 'open' and I ended up leaving a trail and burning my lawn.

There isn't much you can do if you fertilizer burn. You drench the heck out of it with water and water and more water but other than that? Time.  In about a month things should start looking better and soon the grass will overtake the burnt area.

In the meantime I was kicking myself and feeling sick to my stomach and could just knock myself over the head with a big old "Lawn care for Dummies"  book.   I told my husband I was so embarrassed and so angry with myself that I was going to go to the store and buy 2 cans of green spray paint and paint the darn thing.  It ends up I wasn't that far off!

Today I had a surprise house showing and while telling a friend that I was going to spray paint my yard, they said there really was lawn dye.  Landscapers and companies use it for golf courses, football fields, etc.  to make dormant or discolored grass blend.  He thought he still had a container of it and went and found it for me. 

Although Amazon doesn't have the brand I used, they do have some and I have to say, that after trying it today, I'm thrilled with the results.  I tried to go lightly and 'blend' it in so I left some of the brownish color as it's natural in our part of the country to have brown and dry lawns this time of year.  This way it looks more natural.  Still, what an improvement!


Burn your lawn with fertilizer?  Have dormant grass?  Animal or insect damage?  Lawn dye!  It's a blessing right now since I fried our lawn and our house is on the market. 
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