A Homemade Guest Book for Graduation Wishes

I'm in the middle of a very hectic week that started with me working 12 1/2 hours at the office on Tuesday and ends on Sunday evening after everyone goes home from the reception we are holding in honor of our son who graduates tomorrow evening.

In planning his reception I've tried to find ways to use my creativity coupled with the goal of not spending foolishly.  One of the items my son requested at the open house is a guest book.  Searching for a guest book brought out two styles available;  white, and uh... white.  More in tune with a bride and groom than an 18 year old boy, I took matters into my own hands and spend a grand total of $5 to make a really fun black guest book with space for guests to write not only their names, but a quick wish, memory or joke if they like. 

Because I don't like to use my kids names online I have to crop the photo to not show his name or his school, but that also cuts off half the awesome decor!  There is a fun 3-D cap and tassel at the top and a shooting star and scroll below.  So fun, yet so frugal!

From Walmart:

1 small spiral notebook with a black plastic cover and inner pocket
1 package graduation themed stickers
1 package graduation scroll and cap themed stickers ($1 by the stationary)
1 package alphabet stickers in a font and color you like

I decorated the front of the notebook with the graduation stickers, his name and his school.  I then put one small cap and gown, scroll or star on each of the first 50 pages of the notebook to give each page something 'extra'.  Guests will be asked to 'sign-in' and those wishing to write a note of good luck can, while others may simply sign their name.  Much more fitting for a teenage boy than a white satiny guest book!
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