Graduation Cupcakes Instead of a Cake; Huge Hit!

Every graduation reception typically has cake, and lots of it.  When the reception is over people usually still have cake... and lots of it.

This year, for my son's graduation, I decided to make cupcakes.

I set off to Walmart to purchase cake mixes, liners and powdered sugar, etc.  It was during that trip I stopped at the bakery department to ask about buying pre-made icing.  I needed about 50-60 cupcakes and I just didn't relish the thought of making that much icing, nor the amount of food color to make the frosting that brilliant red.

As I spoke with the employees we looked at all options.  We started with me purchasing a container of pre-made frosting, went on to price purchasing plain, naked cupcakes, then on to what they would cost to be iced, but not decorated as I already had 3 packages of my own decorations at home.  I'm SO glad I asked!

They were happy to ice them for me and let me apply my own decorations.

In the end, we LOVED my son's cupcakes.  Red and White (school colors) with sparkling decorations I applied myself.  Cupcakes were an affordable and fun alternative to traditional cake. 

*Presentation Information* 

I bought a Wilton Cupcake Stand
Premade cupcakes
Cupcake Pick Decorations
Red Ribbon
Silver doily (paper)

I put together the stand, cut and glued in silver doily pieces to decorate the layers. I hot glued a ribbon of red around each tier of the stand to add color.   I then added the cupcake picks to the cupcakes, placed them on the stand and...  it was done!  It was a huge 'WOW' factor at the reception too.  So simple and so affordable but it was beautiful and eye catching.
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