We have an Easter Egg Tree! - Easy and Cheap Craft Idea for Easter

About two weeks ago, before the buds appeared on our trees I took 5 minutes to slip outside and put eggs on the branches.  As the buds grew in the warm sun our trees burst into bloom and nestled between branches are the brightly colored Easter Eggs that make our tree's oh-so-adorable and ready for Easter!

If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable craft, look no further!  Make them today and hang them just in time for Sunday morning.

1 package plastic eggs
1 spool pastel ribbon
hot glue gun

Cut ribbon into strips approximately 12 inches long.  Tie the ends together to form a loop.  Hot glue a plastic egg to the ribbon.  If your plastic eggs easily come apart into two, feel free to add a dot of hot glue to the plastic seam to keep it closed.  Hang the ribbon loops from the branches on your bushes or trees.  Oh so cute and just too easy!

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