Instant Wall Decor That Look Like Tiles: Faux Tiles that are Really Decals

A few years ago vinyl 'wall words' became one of the hottest decor items in the home as well as the newest home party to host.  While I didn't jump on the 'every room in my house' bandwagon, I did get a large 5 foot version I installed over the mantel in the family room and not only has everyone visiting our home loved it, but most people think I painted it on myself.  It's actually a very thin sheet of material that I applied by rubbing it off the paper backing with a plastic card, but it is completely removable. 

Lot 26 Studio P1703-L Add-Heres Antique Tiles Wall Stickers, 11-1/4 by 22-1/2-InchAfter this company burst onto the scene many others followed, usually using a thicker vinyl for the words, image or photo.  This is where another new idea came in;  tile decals

Thin decorator sheets that look like tile but are really to be placed on your flat, painted walls to give a faux tile look.

Easy to install, the nstant d├ęcor provides accents that are especially perfect for the homeowner that doesn't want to do anything permanent to their wall or doesn't have the funds for real tile decorations;  but what a great idea for the person who lives in an apartment and can't paint or do anything to the rental space!  I also love these for the college student sprucing up their dorm or even your work office.

Lot 26 Studio Add-Heres Wall Decals, Nouveau Scroll Tiles, 24-Inches SquareMost packages include 5 sheets of adhesive wall decorations with 1 or 2 decals per sheet depending on the size of the faux tiles.  The one pictured above are large, 11 X 22.5 sheets but while searching, I found decals in all sizes, including covers you can install on small 4 X 4" bathroom or kitchen tiles to accent them.

Easy to apply and remove without damaging surface - just peel, stick, and lift off. 

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