Bugaboo Donkey and Bee Strollers... What makes them so awesome?

Bugaboo Donkey...  For those like me whose children are far past the stroller stage, I admit I had no idea what it was until I looked it up.

Apparently the "Donkey" is a new stroller being released by the popular Bugaboo brand.  An item Hollywood and European Mommies embraced, it quickly became the 'must have' item for middle class Americans as well.  Not even on sale yet, the Donkey already has waiting lists and pre-sales that have promised it will be a hard-to-find item for quite a while.

In the meantime I found 3 other Bugaboo Strollers that while cute, seem just like the strollers I've passed by in the local Target store. Are they really that different? Are they more durable? More comfortable? Easier to use? What makes them so awesome?

When I was purchasing strollers for our three children my budget was somewhere around $200 tops.  These strollers seem to hover around the $600-900 price range.  

I suppose however, one 'budget friendly' way of purchasing this must-have item would be to buy used (Amazon offers used prices as well as new) or if the Mom-to-be is having a large baby shower, a group of people could pitch in together to get it for her!
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