Affordable and Fun CupCakes

Although I posted these on my recipe/kitchen site, they are so AFFORDABLE AND FUN that I thought they would make a great addition to the Budget Barbie website.  For the price of a few cupcake liners, a cake mix and some cherries in a jar, you can have adorable little cupcakes that look like malt shop style shakes from the 1950's.

Cupcakes: baked and cooled completely
Plastic straws and scissors
Frosting with a round 'O' shaped tip and decorator bag
Maraschino Cherries in a jar - drained and dry

Pipe the frosting into swirly circles on each cupcake.  Top with sprinkles and a cherry, insert a bendy straw and there you have it!  A 50's style malt shake in a cupcake!

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