A quick Fix for my Ugly Office Wall

Momenta Complements Home Decor Border Stencils: 5x16 Graceful

If you have a blank wall and about 2 hours 'free' you can give yourself a whole new look using a wall stencil and a bit of paint.

The stencils are very affordable sheets of heavy duty plastic that you attach to your wall with small push pins or a light adhesive paint tape and you simply paint or stencil where the openings are, pull the product away from your wall and ta-da!  Instant design.

I bought my stencil about 6 years ago at a local hardware store but Amazon and other sites on the internet have a far larger selection to choose from.  Still, I was quite happy with my purchase at the time and I used it not for a wall, but for painting a design on a cheap panel curtain to give it a look that costs hundreds of dollars more from retail providers.  When I was finished with the stencil I put it into my basement craft storage area and forgot all about it until last week.

I work for a non-profit organization which means we have zero budget for things like our offices.  Built in the 50's we have the same walls, same file cabinets, same everything that they built back then and  no funds to redo anything.  Unfortunately my office wall has water damage and stains so I have to keep it covered with something.  Because of the cost, I keep it covered with wrapping paper because it's so affordable and it comes out of my own pocket.

I previously had a patterned wrapping paper up on my wall so when I replaced it with 'white' last Monday my co-workers kept making comments about how 'boring' my walls were.  After scouring the city for a patterned wrapping paper that matched my walls and carpet I came up empty handed and instead, went to my basement and dragged my stencil and some old acrylic paints out of my craft box.

On Friday morning, in between other office work, emails, spreadsheets and answering the phone, I would grab a small sponge brush, pour a little paint onto a plate and start stenciling my wall.  Quick and easy, I would do one or two portions, do more office work and return to the wall to do another portion.

In this manner I finished up an entire wall, cleaned the sponge applicator and plate, put away my 2 bottles of paint and washed my stencil.


A "new" wall - for free - using a stencil and two bottles of paint I already owned and painting on plain white wrapping paper I bought for $2 at Walmart.

**You can find many wall stencil designs online at Amazon.com
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