How to Delete and Reset the Library in Your Windows Media Player

I hate clutter.
Not only in my house, but at my desk at work, in my car and even in and on my computer.
I go insane if I have too many 'things' on my computer monitor desktop and I was slowly being driven to insanity by my Windows Media Player (12)  Library.  Anything I've ever played was being listed...  and never removed!  Even if you remove the file it will still LIST it in the library... it just won't play it because it will say the file has been removed or deleted. (Duh).   With a lot of frustration I tried in vain to clear the library list (I did not want to remove or delete the files from my computer... just the library).

I finally did it!  Yeah me.  And because it took quite a few attempts to find correct instructions online I'm reposting here for my own future reference again - and if it helps someone else too, then that's all the better.

PS:  Don't forget that in your media player options there is a box for deleting files from your computer AND media player or JUST media player.  Make sure you have the correct box checked before you go deleting songs or you might find yourself wiping out your music files from your computer.

Reset and Clean Out the Media Player library

  • Close Windows Media Player (if it's open).

  • Go to Start
  • Control Panel
  • All Control Panel Items
  • Administrative Tools
  • Services

  • Right-click on the “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service” and click Stop
  • Leave this window open and in another window starting from "Your Computer"  - Navigate to “C:\Users\ (insert your own user name here) \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player
  • Select and delete the file(s) named CurrentDatabase_***.wmdb and LocalMLS_*.wmdb
I left that window open and opened Windows Media Player.  Bingo!  My library was CLEAN!

Close Windows Media.

Close out the C: based window.
In the last window open (SERVICES)  the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service may have already reset to 'share' when you opened Player to check the library.  If it didn't, right click and choose "START"  and then close out the window.

Restart Windows Media Player and it's clean... gloriously clean.    It will add songs to the library again as you play them unless you uncheck the box in the OPTIONS tab to add to media player library when played.  If you have this box unchecked your library will stay clear.

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