Hollister gets one out of three orders correct. Odds are not in their favor. They fail.

We like the style.  We like the fit.  We like the colors.  We like the fabric.
Our family (three teens) like the clothing but I'm sick of dealing with everything else that comes with wanting to purchase it.

Although the style is awesome (my husband and I lived in Southern Cali before relocating with his job) and we were happy when Hollister clothing popped up in the malls years ago because it was a style he and I could wear and as our kids got older they gravitated to the style as well.

However, the bone shaking, nerve wracking loud music, the super dark stores with barely-there lighting and the attitude's of the "I couldn't give a flying leap about what our customers want, I just want to work here for the discount on clothes"  teenagers running the shops made me less of a fan.

Last Fall I decided to give up on shopping their brick and mortar stores when at all possible by getting what we wanted online.   In December I placed an order for 8 items.

You are supposed to get a confirmation email soon after placing your order.  As a matter of fact they are one of the only stores that don't offer a confirmation number or order number on the page when you place the order.  They say "Thanks for your order.  Watch for an email confirmation."

And that December order? Confirmation never came.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I waited until the next day.  No confirmation email - even though I DID have a confirmation on their website when I placed it so I know they got it.

After emails and phone calls to Hollister I found out they "had no record of my order"  and frankly, didn't care. I placed the order again, which by then (3 days later) 2 of my items were out and the 20% discount I had for the rest of the items didn't apply as the promotion was over.  Got confirmation.  Got a confirmation email and although they took their own sweet time with one of the slowest deliveries known to man, it did finally arrive - about 3 hours before the items were needed as gifts.

Yesterday my daughters and I shopped for vacation clothes.  We avoided the mall completely and I said I would order the t-shirts I needed online.

Last night as I hit the "ORDER" button to order the 6 items I needed, I got that same feeling and mentioned to my daughter and husband in the kitchen next to me that I thought they were going to lose this order like they did before.

But surprise!  I got my confirmation page.   "Thank you for your order"  and the "watch for an email confirmation"  blurb.


But...  alas, no email.

I paid for the order with paypal so I checked their site.

Yes, they showed the pending transaction payment to Hollister.

But still...  no confirmation from Hollister.

Their website says you should receive your confirmation email within minutes of the order and since it's now the next day I suspect I'm SOL again.

I will have to order AGAIN and hope it goes through.

Let's look at the odds.



What is their problem that they cannot get their act in order????? THUMBS DOWN.

 ~ ~ ~ ~

(edited with update)

I just got off the phone with Hollister and sure enough, they don't have my order in their system.  Since I got the 'Thank You for your order" and "wait for an email confirmation"  AND my "pending payment" in PayPal we are sure it went to their system at some point but it was a fail after that and she had no answer for it. 

She did say that I was 'lucky' in the fact that my PayPal or credit or bank account wasn't actually charged yet as it seems their system had a major issue on Friday that they took hundreds of calls and emails from people who had their payments go through and were charged - but no orders exist!!.  

The only sucky thing for me is that the money is on 'hold' in my PayPal account as pending payment to them so it's unavailable to ME.  Since Hollister doesn't have my order in their system, my money is in limbo and PayPal won't let ME cancel the payment - only Hollister can.  But Hollister can't because they don't show an order exists.

Huge circle.

I replaced the order at Hollister.
This time I got my confirmation email as I should have.
So right now PayPal is showing (2) pending transactions to Hollister.  One is real and one 'pending' but PayPal still won't release that one.   What a mess.
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