Ahhh, She's Messing with Those Curtains Again!

I've posted photos from this same angle many times on this website as over the last couple years I've changed my mind many times on the curtains I hang in the kitchen.

But then again, when you are making the curtains yourself out of pieces of fabric you have, it doesn't really cost much and you can change them as much as you like!

A few months ago I posted about recovering our kitchen and dining room chairs in imitation black leather.  I then found 2 large rugs on sale at a store in our city and bought them, followed by finding the same pattern online on clearance and buying matching rugs and a runner.

All of this was in order to bring more 'black and beige' to the kitchen to tie in with the dark red walls.   I then purchased fabric (using a 50% coupon) and let the fabric sit, folded and unused until I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it and had time.  

I didn't use a pattern as most of my regular readers know.  I just kind of make it up as I go along.

I used brown paper bags from the grocery store which I cut apart to make a flat piece.  I then use a pencil to draw a 'curve', longer on two sides.  I added an inch extra for the side seams and about 2 inches across the top for seams.  

This brown paper bag 'curve' became the black top curtain you see in the photo to your left.

I then used the same piece of brown paper bag 'pattern' and laid out longer strips of fabric on my kitchen floor and used it over and over, laying it side by side, to cut out a longer strip of fabric to use on my patio doors.

This became the black topper to the photo on the left.   I used a patterned piece of fabric cut to a rectangle with simple seams on the sides and bottom to go under the curtain.

Even though it looks like two pieces, it isn't.  I didn't want to have to buy another curtain rod!  Ha.  So the two pieces on all three curtains are actually sewed together to make 1 piece.   This allowed me to hang them easily on one rod.

Ultimately, if I had a nice fat budget I'd find curtain's I love and just buy them but then again, I do like having an outlet for my creativity and as often as I change my mind this probably works out best for me!  

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