Tried and True Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets.  A household item that I sometimes buy and sometimes don't.  When I have them in the house I do find that I use them for much more than *just* the dryer.  Without thinking about it, I find other uses for them.  It just comes natural.  I guess that is the way my brain thinks. 

This morning I decided to do a post on reusing dryer sheets.  If you are going to purchase them it seems only fitting to get lots of use out of them!  If you regularly buy dryer sheets but only use them once (in the dryer) and toss them;  you are losing out on a variety of ways to save money but you are also not being as 'green' as you could without any extra work on your part.

While you can find a kajillion 'lists' online of ways to reuse your dryer sheets, I've decided not to post other peoples lists but sit here sipping my tea and listing the ways I personally have used them.  This way the uses I've found are personally tried and true!

Note that these are USED dryer sheets unless specifically mentioned:

  • Obviously;  new sheets use in the dryer to soften clothes, reduce static cling and give clothing a great scent
  • Wiping down dust and lint from the top, sides and dials of the washer and dryer
  • Wiping off stray lint from the baseboards of the laundry room
  • Use as an impromptu paper towel to pick up stray kitty litter and a little 'dropping' from the floor as the kitty litter box is in the laundry room
  • Cleaning the bottom of the iron while it's just barely warm
  • Cleaning the lint screen in the dryer - one swipe and it's done!
  • Rubbing a new fabric softener on clothing that has sat in drawers for awhile to refresh
  • Hanging a new sheet on the hanger under winter coats hanging in the closet
  • Rubbing a new sheet on arms and legs before heading into the garden in the evening
  • Storing a couple new sheets under the seats of my vehicle for a great scent
  • New sheet at the bottom of the trash container for the great scent
  • Rubbing a new fabric sheet over the arms and back of the fabric on the couch/chairs
  • Cleaning off the bathroom counter.  Works as a light 'scrub' for hairspray, etc.
  • Packing new sheets in luggage on trips/vacations to keep clothes fresh
  • Wiping across my laptop screen to remove dust
  • Tuck a new sheet inside smelly tennis shoes in the closet
  • Cleaning the glass shower doors
  • Wiping down our big, goofy, smelly dog
  • In arts and crafts with the kids
  • Rubbed on sewing needles and thread for hand sewing
  • Rubbing on my pillow and the sheets of the bed to refresh

That's enough off the top of my head for now!  So... do you have any 'tried and true' uses for your dryer sheets to share?
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