A peek into our latest project... retreading stairs

White carpet.
Three kids.
2 cats.
6 1/2 years.

  • And this is how we got to the point of me hating the worn white carpet on the stairs.
  • And me doing 'homework' to find out an affordable way to redo our carpets; new carpet, wood, what to do with balusters and banisters, etc. - Looking at ALL the DIY options and the most affordable and simple answer.
  • And me finally laying down a cut up brown paper bag from the grocery store as a 'fake step'.
  • And me taking my husband to the hardware store to show him the retreads I found that I thought would work on our stairs.

I cut a stair out of brown paper and laid it down
to show my husband my 'vision' of a wooden stair

This is your sneak peek into the method behind my madness and the idea I came up with to work with what we had, get what I wanted and do it on about 1/4 of what anyone else would spend.

My update coming soon.....  update here.
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