Yes, I Really Did Use Wrapping Paper on the Walls!

While I'm always busy doing 'something' around here, most of it seems too mundane to post about. One of the very quick and goofy things I did was to use wrapping paper to decorate my daughters bedroom wall.

Yes, wrapping paper.

When you have a 14 year old daughter who changes her bedroom decor theme 3 times in 2 years, you quickly grow tired of investing in comforters, throw rugs and decorator pillows.

Last spring my daughter commandeered my white down comforter, found a pair of white tab top panel curtains in the closet and put anything with 'color' into the Goodwill donation pile.

Around the same time, a little neighbor girl came knocking on my door armed with 2 fundraiser magazines for her school. Even though my door has a "NO SALES" sign on it, she was too young to read and stood there proudly with her preschool brother so what could I do but thumb through the glossy photos of overpriced candies, jewelry and candles and hope to find something that wasn't too outrageously priced and I could use.

When I saw the reversible wrapping paper I figured I could use it to wrap gifts for my daughter or perhaps a birthday gift for one of her friends.

When it was delivered however, I brainstormed another idea.

Because we hadn't invested in money in decorating my daughter's room with the black and white theme, the only wall decor she had at the time was a black and white Marilyn Monroe poster. While she was gone I grabbed a yard stick and scissors and cut a piece of wrapping paper to hang from her ceiling, half way down the wall to her light switch. I attached it to the wall with staples. Reversing the paper to the pink side I did the same again, then zebra and lastly, pink. At that point I ran out of paper with one more 'strip' to go so I used Marilyn as a filler and finished the wall.

I had a roll of black removable wallpaper border left over from my sons room so I used that to run across the bottom of the paper all the way to the light switch cover. Finally, I did invest in 1 roll of black duct tape and taped the final wrapping paper strip and the poster to give it a 'border' and finished look.

Is it forever? Nope. But then again the whims of a teenage girl aren't forever either! It's a nice, thick quality paper and has been up for months with no sign of fading, wear or tear. We've been pleasantly surprised at how great it looks in real life (the photo isn't very impressive). It was cheap, cute, trendy and bold and it goes great in her room - matching her zebra striped and pink comforter and baskets in her book shelves. Her friends all exclaim how awesome her wall turned out and none of them believe her when she tells them it's just wrapping paper.

Total Cost: $7 for wrapping paper
$2 for a roll of black duct tape.

About 6 months and counting... still looks great.
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