Small Update on Recovering my Bar Stool Chairs

After I finally bought new rugs last weekend I knew the next step was getting rid of the red and khaki striped chairs in our kitchen and dining room. The new rugs were in black and brown with cream... the colors I originally wanted in my kitchen but it's taken me years to find a rug I actually liked at a price I was willing to pay.

Still being ever frugal I had no intention of looking for 'new' chairs would would reupholster the chairs in a new fabric. The fabric of choice? Faux leather of course!

While searching for the faux leather I spent almost two hours debating and visited two different fabric stores. The problem was not finding material I liked, it was finding a balance between what I was willing to spend verses the quality I wanted.

There were three contenders, all in the marine vinyl section of the store on the large 6 foot rollers. They ranged from the cheapest $9.99 a yard to the one I really wanted as it looked and felt incredibly 'real' at $34.99 per yard. In the end, armed with a 50% off coupon I opted for the better quality as getting a cheaper fabric wouldn't pay in the end if they snagged or ripped and I had to recover them again, or if I just hated the finished look!

I purchased 2 1/2 yards and my total was about $55 so it was still very budget conscious!

So far my update is that I've only had time this week to finish three chairs so far but I intend to finish the other 5 tonight.

I laid one of the old seat cushion covers on the
faux leather and cut around. They are approximately
21 inches by 23 inches - give or take

Using a heavy duty staple gun I tightly
recover the chair cushions and staple in place

Flipping it over I check for smooth corners and
a tight fit as the fabric will relax a little with use

Placing it on the rug I'm very happy with the
coordinating look!
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