Halloween Decorating and a Dollar Store Budget!

Happy Halloween! We had our trick or treating last night so today I get to pack away my decorations for another year and instead, start to switch out to Thanksgiving decor. Some of the decorations play out for two holidays in our home (the pumpkins are left uncarved this year so they do double duty) but the scary or fun Halloween goods will be thrown in my large "HALLOWEEN" box and tucked away to the storage room.

People always comment on our decorated house but I have to admit, it's done on a dollar budget. Ok, not all of it a buck each and not all from the dollar store, but always affordable. It's also saved from year to year so now that my toddlers are teens I have a few years of decorating under my belt.

We've gone from the cutsie-smiling pumpkin kind of decoration to the more teen-friendly gory and bloody Halloween. It's a natural progress when you let your 17 and 13 year olds shop with you (as I did last year) and that is how we invested in perhaps our most expensive decoration item; a fog machine.

The rest? Affordable and fun.... here are a few random photos that might inspire you!

Fake spider web is a must! $.50 - $1.00 for a small bag and $1.99 - $3.99 for the really large bags with double or triple fake spiders, it alone is the first investment to make each year. Pop a really BIG spider on there for extra 'wow' power.

Our mantel was covered in spiders... the plastic kind. $2.99 for long 15 foot strip. I gathered a few pieces of leftover red fabric in random piles and the white background you see? It's a $1.99 white tablecloth we bought at the dollar store and my son decorated it out in the garage with some 'fake blood' to make hand prints and smears and write "STILL ALIVE!" and "BEWARE!" on it.

A couple spiders and some fake severed fingers and you have a the perfect dessert to serve on Halloween.

Keeping my 'pretty' decor of my natural stones and candles I made it more holiday themed by the simple addition of a few fake spiders and fake shards of bloody glass. The bloody glass shards were about $3.99 and I had enough to do the candles, a side table where we kept the candy and decorations as well as a few 'shards of glass' mixed in our family fruit bowl among the apples!!!

Check out your dollar store and your local party stores... and let your imagination run amuck!

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