Wooden Slats to Hide the Dirt Under the Deck

About a year and a half ago I told my husband I wanted to add wood under our deck to hide the dirt and underside. Just a simple row of boards similar to a fence. It would be quick, easy and best of all, cheap as I wanted to use dog eared cedar fencing.

I thought the dirt and sometimes weeds under the deck were ugly and it was a simple project we could do in just a couple hours.

He said... no. Granted, this was in part due to his personality. My husband is one to see every glass as 'half empty', every project as 'too difficult' and when he looks at a stick, he sees.... a stick. When I look at a stick I can see a hundred other uses for it. He also isn't one for projects, maintenance, repair. That's where I come in.

So... for over a year I thought about the wooden 'coverage' I wanted on our deck and I would bide my time.

Yesterday was THE DAY.

I once again broached the subject of the under-decking and this time told him exactly what I planned to do. I was going to get affordable dog eared cedar, cut them to size to the dirt and attach them to the brace board under the deck - just the front side behind the mums.

This time he listened. Not only that but offered to help and went to the hardware store willingly!

In the end I got my 'back board' under the deck!



12 foot of space to fill
We bought 12 (5 1/2" wide) dog eared cedar slats at $1.86 each
(we allowed extra boards in case some split while cutting or screwing. 8 would have been sufficient but this way we knew we wouldn't have to run to the store again)
We already had screws
We already had leftover stain from the deck

Cut the boards to 20 inches in length and attached them with two screws to the wide brace under the decking. I followed up with painting the boards with deck stain.

Project total: $22.77
Time: Less than 2 hours start to finish

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