Cleaning My Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

Dramatic Before and After Shot:

  • Both of these stones were put into the self cleaning cycle of the oven at the time.  
  • They went through half a cleaning cycle when some of the spill on the bottom of the oven started to burn off with flames, and I stopped the cleaning cycle to let that die down.  
  • After the oven cooled, both stones had been blackened even more than they were from the flames.
  • At that time I took ONE of the stones out and left the other in to finish the cycle. I did this because I thought it would be good to show both 'before' and 'after'.

The one of the RIGHT is AFTER the cleaning cycle was finished; It was also THAT black when I started.
Then of course, I did another cleaning cycle the next day and cleaned the 2nd stone as well.

~ ~ ~ ~

When I first got my pizza stones (years ago) I, like most, wondered how to really, truly clean them. Ours are heavily used for pizza, appetizers, baking main entrees for dinner and much, much more (everything but sweets, cookies or baked goods - I don't bake that sort of thing on them).

I knew you weren't to scrub them with soap and water but to use the scraper that comes with them. I did, and once in a while I do use soap and water now that they are so heavily seasoned I have no fear of ruining of the seasoning. Baking almost anything adds enough oil to reseason almost instantly.

But I needed to clean them. And I found a little known (at the time) blurb online about putting your stones in the oven and running a self-cleaning cycle.


I've been doing it ever since and that was about 6 years ago.

Your dark, stained, heavily used pizza stone turns out as white/beige as the day you got it. Baking something with a higher fat content the first time it goes back into the oven is enough to reseason it.

Unless your pizza stone has been through a fire like mine was in the photo above, it won't be THAT dark of course! But it was a great photo to post to show a BEFORE AND AFTER at how running your pizza stone through the cleaning cycle in your oven is a quick and easy way to make them clean and new again.

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