French Manicure Not in the Budget? DIY.

While I have gotten nail tips put on a few times in my life (fake nails) I found that I didn't like the upkeep of them. $50 to get them on and then $15-25 every 2 weeks or so for fills. I didn't have the time nor the money and frankly? Half the time they were a pain in the butt. You can't pick up flat items like change from a table or other surface, you can't get a good grip on things and you lose some dexterity (and you can't squeeze a pimple! Ha ha!). Mine grew quickly and were often too long to type as quickly as I'd like and changed the way my hand had to sit on the keyboard.

In the end I'm much happier with my own nails, although I love the look of a french manicure.

Unfortunately I know myself and I never, ever, ever would take the time to pay someone $10 to give me one professionally even without fake nails, and maybe more importantly, I'd be sitting there thinking to myself; "I could do this at home for pennies!!!!"

So I do.

For years I've given myself a French Manicure using products by Sally Hanson that you can find at any Walmart, Target, any beauty supply store or heck, even the dollar store and grocery store usually carries them.

There is a two pack with the white and buff colors, or a three pack that includes a clear top coat. The whole package is usually about $2.50 - $4.99 (depending on the store and where you live).

The package also comes with little sticky strips to lay across your nail for a nice straight line or curve if you need a template to help you. I found it easier to just drag the white tip polish across in one fell swoop without a template like one of my nail ladies taught me to do when I had 'fake nails' and had them done professionally.

White strip. Buff/beige top coat and finally, the clear coat.

It doesn't last quite as long as a professional manicure and it's not quite as durable, but you can get 50 manicures out of that $4 investment and for someone like me who can't waste the time nor money, it's a good product to keep on hand!
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