Decorate a fun container to bring your Fourth of July Snacks in! An Empty Paint Can!

About 10 years ago I discovered the neatest 'container' at my local hardware store. A brand new, never used, empty paint can! For about $4 you can purchase these nifty cans and then decorate them for gift giving or using as a travel container for any holiday.

In honor of the Fourth of July and the BBQ I'm going to this afternoon, let's decorate an empty paint can! If you have wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, large sheets of stationary wallpaper pieces on hand you are good to go. If not? Find a great background image online and print it off on your computer. Just be careful it doesn't get wet or the colors will run.

Measure around the can and measure the height of the can. Write down the measurements. Add 1/2 inch to the width to allow for seam overlapping. Cut a wide strip or strips of wallpaper, scrapbooking paper or gift wrap that will cover the can measurements.

Wrap the strip around and mark with a pencil where the holes for the can handle are. Remove the paper and make a straight slit through the circle to the edge of the paper where you marked so you can ease the paper around the handle without tearing it. Cut the small 1/2" or so circle out.

Use double sided tape, adhesive spray or even a hot glue gun (if you don't mind the beaded seam) to secure the seams after pulling the paper around the can, making sure to keep it aligned.

Although you don't have to decorate the tops if you don't have time, it does give it a cute, finished look. Use the lid to cut out a circle and adhere it to the top of the can with tape, glue or adhesive spray.

Now you have a decorated container perfect for treats or anything else you want to bring to your Fourth of July celebration this evening! And the fun part? You can embellish it as much as you want or use it as it is!

Embellishments include; ribbons, flat buttons, bows, stickers, stones or glitter.

If you have time and it's not too humid, you can skip the paper crafts and paint your can! Grab red, white and blue paints, stencils or stamps and have fun!
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