The Best Place to Buy Keurig K Cups

While sipping my coffee this morning I realized that I was down to 4 k-cups left for my Keurig brewer and with that thought in mind, decided I would head over to Amazon to see what kind of 'good deals' I could get on the little individual k-cups that Keurig Coffee Brewers use.

I typically buy the coffee when I purchase groceries either at the local Super Target or our grocery store. Although they go on sale once in a while, I typically have to pay $9.95 for an 18 count pack of my favorite brew; Caribou Coffee's Obsidian.

Keurig does sell k-cups on their website of course, but Obsidian is not an available option (oddly) as it's a new flavor. However, for comparison let's review a more easily found blend; the Caribou blend.

Amazon offers the Caribou Blend K-Cup, 108 ct. for about $60 (low of $59.99 up to a high seller of $89.99 at the time of this post). The low actually is through Amazon bought from Target, which I found interesting but you do have $7.99 shipping cost to add to that while the others at $60 and $63 have 0 shipping.

The same blend at the Keurig site in bulk is a package of 80 for $43.95. If you are a Coffee Club member and order 4 or more boxes they give you 10% off and free shipping if your order reaches $45 (which believe me, it does quickly!).

My local mall had a couple stores stocking the coffees (a couple high end department stores with a kitchen section) but at $10 for a 12 count package I wouldn't suggest anyone purchase there.

Costco (the wholesale membership club) sold an 80 count pack for $34 the last time I was there, which I priced it about 3 weeks ago.

My local grocery store sometimes has the 18 pack on sale for $6.95 and $7.95 but I've only seen that once or twice in the past year of shopping there bi-weekly so it's not something to find often.

Target's regular price of an 18 count for $9.95 is standard but I have found them on sale for $8.95 twice over the past 9 months or so.

In the end, for this particular blend I would well off to go to pick up the case at Costco for their low price, local location so there is no shipping to pay and the ease of having it in my hand and not delivered. My personal second option is to buy at my local grocery when they have them on sale for $6.95 (although I've only seen that low of a price once so I doubt it will happen again soon!). Amazon would be a good option as long as I picked a seller who did not charge extra for shipping, had a special Super Saver deal of no shipping and at the same time, I would not need them for at least a week as I would have to wait for delivery.

I actually won't be doing any of the above, as the Caribou blend is not dark enough nor bold enough for me but I hope that gives some of my readers a general idea of the wide range of prices you'll find both online and locally. Don't forget, purchasing the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter and using your own ground coffee is the most affordable, budget friendly option of all!
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