Hiding the Toilet Bowl Scrubber and Plunger

There are certain items we want to have in a household bathroom but we don't necessarily want our guests to see them. One of those things is a plunger, another is a toilet bowl scrubber. Both of these can be rather tall and burdensome to keep out of the way but a guest may find the plunger handy in a bind and the toilet bowl brush is a must.

If you look closely at the photo to the left you'll see a tiny little bit of plastic peeking out from the bottom of photo behind the silver flower container. Yep, you've found it! But you had to look. Which is the point.

This was our guest bathroom this Fall. A very simple and frugal decorating idea to hide the 'must have' items in the bathroom can be as simple as a container of tall flowers fitting to the season.

Currently this corner is hosting 'ice' covered branches with a bit of cranberries on them. In the spring it will be delicate branches of yellow and white flowers. It changes with the seasons, but it's there doing it's job; hiding the things we want to have available to us and our guests in the bathroom but just not 'in your face' to detract from the comfort zone of this area.
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