Mosaic Mirror Frame - DIY

Almost ten years ago I bought a book that promised 'DIY' projects you could do in one weekend. While I've used some of the idea's to transform things in my house, there are a host of other idea's in the book that I have not ventured to try, although I think them fabulous. This is one of them. For almost a decade I've looked at this mirror but I have no use for it in my home and I really haven't had the time nor inclination to do it. Still, it's always on my 'back burner' of ideas to try. Perhaps you would like to try it too. It's a Debbie Travis idea from her book Debbie Travis' Weekend Projects (which is dirt cheap at Amazon if you find a used one).

Note: Obviously using broken mirrors mean the edges are sharp. Use caution and wear work gloves to protect yourself from sharp edges.

1 flat faced wood framed mirror to decorate
1 piece of mirror you can break into small pieces or an old broken mirror
tile adhesive
mastic putty
gray and silver artist's acrylic paint
artist's style paint brush

If you don't have a broken mirror you can buy mirrored mosaic tiles in the craft or fabric stores. If you have a mirror you can break to use, you can put the mirror inside a pillowcase and gently and carefully hit it with a hammer to produce irregular 1 - 2 inch pieces.

Apply tile adhesive to the frame, one section at a time. Lay the mirror pieces down into the putty, designing your own pattern (so to speak) while leaving a space around each of about 1/4" wide. Let this set overnight to dry.

Knead the mastic putty as directed on the package. Roll into long thin lines to make it easy to place around the mirror pieces. Fill in the spaces around the mirror tiles with the putty strips. Once all the space is filled with rolled putty, paint them. It's ok if the putty isn't dry. If you mix the gray and silver together you can replicate the look of leading in a glass window! This paint on putty can take up to a week to dry so be prepared to keep it out of the way of little hands and remember that if it's humid out (not a problem in Northern winters!) it can take a few days longer.
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