How I reuse my K-Cups for a small Savings in the Grocery Budget

Reusing the k-cup to top off and reheat my current cup of coffee.

I own a My k-cup so when I want to use my own coffee grounds I use that instead of investing in foil wrappers or snug lids and the mess involved in reusing the little cups.  This isn't really about reusing the cup so much as a way to get a little more mileage out of the grounds to begin with and reheat cooling coffee.

I walked to my Keurig coffee maker, opened the top, lifted the k-cup sitting in the slot, squeezed it to move the grounds a bit, gave it a quarter turn spin, closed the top and hit the 'smallest' (tea cup) sized portion. I topped off my coffee, had a seat and proceeded to check my emails.

I then realized that it's just one more example of the hundred tiny things I do during the day that help us to save money in small ways - and are worth passing on to my readers!

If you own a Keurig coffee brewer, then you know the K-Cup's for Keurig Brewers are... expensive.

 I have to have my coffee piping hot but I don't like the taste that reheating it in the microwave gives me, I often times have to pour some of it down the drain because it's lost it's heat and it's fresh brewed flavor.  So one day I opened the top, lifted the k-cup, gave it a spin and reused it to heat up my cooling coffee.  

Using a large mug size results in poor, weak coffee with a terrible taste, but to top off my morning brew, using the smallest setting reheats the coffee that has cooled.

Edited: Just to clarify - unless you are my Mother, and you can stand to drink what is in essence, 'colored water', I wouldn't re-use the k-cup for a fresh cup of coffee.

But to clarify; I like my coffee PIPING hot. So when I brew my first cup I usually only to get drink about half of it before it's cooled down too much for me to drink it.

By lifting the k-cup, squeezing the grounds a bit, turning it a quarter spin and dropping it in and closing the top, I then use the SMALLEST setting and I just 'top off' my coffee to make it hot again. Because I still have a mug of the first brew, topping it off is fine to heat it up without losing much flavor. When I'm done with the k-cups I like to peel off the foil and dump the grounds into my garden.

The water shooting through the k-cup forms a 'hole' down the center of the grounds.  I squeeze and turn the cup so the water comes into contact with coffee grounds during the 2nd shot.  And only when the grounds are still 'fresh' and still warm from the first brew.  Waiting too long results in horrible tasting 'reheat' shots.
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