Stamp Imprinted Designs on Velvet Curtains

Using heat from an iron you can 'press' a stamp design into velvet. Did you know this!?

About 12 years ago I first saw this done and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Here we are a dozen years later and hoping that I can enlighten a few more people to this awesome fun idea.

You'll need;

velvet fabric (heat will melt any nylon, rayon, etc.)
spray bottle with water
rubber stamp of a large, fun design you love
Stuffing or a cushion to cover
tassels to finish your pillow
needle and thread (I sew 3 sides and finish the last with needle and thread.

Practice the heat pressing technique on some scraps before doing the real thing so you get the hang of it! Set the iron at wool or cotton. Don't press down on the front of ht eiron as you will have steam hole impressions in your fabric. Use the flat back end of the iron.

Cut out two pieces of velvet about an inch larger than the size of the cushion you want finished. Don't use any water in your iron and don't use the steam setting. Place the stamp, rubber side up, on an ironing board. Lightly spray the back side of the fabric with your mist from the water bottle. Lay the fabric right side down (the velvet side) onto the stamp where you want the pattern.

The rubber will be against the velvet fabric. Now press the iron to the back of the fabric and do not move the iron. Hold it still for the count of 20 and lift directly up. The image should now be impressed onto the velvet. Repeat until you have the pattern design you want.

Use your fabric to make a basic pillow, laying right sides together, stitch around 3 1/2 sides, turn it right side out, stuff it with stuffing or fold and insert your pillow you are covering and then hand stitch the opening. You can add decorative tassles to finish it off!

*I looked up my old files on this to refresh my memory as I'm thinking of using it to impress some designs on the chocolate brown velvet curtains I have hanging in our Family Room. When I find the stamp I like and find the time to finish the curtains I'll post photos of the progress!
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