Decorating a lampshade with fabric

My 13 year old is anxious to change the decor of her room. She's been painstakingly finding 'good deals' online and bookmarking the zebra striped comforter, lamp shades, the pink throw pillows and more that she wants to redo her room.

When I was glancing through one of my craft books I saw this idea for a homemade lamp shade and my creative mind immediately thought of redoing the table lamp in her room that is currently solid pink into a pink and black zebra stripe lamp. It will cost me just pennies - the cost of the black velvet zebra striped fabric.

Here is their idea and some instructions and I'll post my idea of how I'm going to adapt it to the zebra print my daughter wants.

To make a shade like they did, they start with a bulb clip chandelier. I'm starting with a small, single bulb desk lamp with a pink shade already in place that we bought at Walmart a couple years ago for $4.

Remove your shades and using a pencil and piece of cardboard, lay the shade on it's side and carefully draw around the shade, rolling it as you go, to make a 'pattern' on the cardboard of the shade. Cut it out and clip it together or hold it together with your thumbs. It should be the same size as your lamp shades and resemble them.

This will be your pattern to cut out the fabric.

If you want to change the color of your shades, now is the time to paint it. Let dry completely.

When you purchase fabric for your print, choose something called a burnt-out velvet. Area's of the fabric are 'burnt out' and are transparent, leaving your pattern. You could also use one with lace although it won't let as much light through.

Cut out the piece of velvet from your cardboard template, adding 1/2 inch allowance to the top for the overlap and 1/4 on the side for the side seam. Glue the fabric to the shade by dotting a good quality craft glue in places it won't be visible through the fabric (the velvet area's). Glue down the overlap on the inside of the shade.

Paperclip the lampshade form and leave it overnight to completely dry. Run a bead of hot glue down the seam to reinforce it. To 'trim' your shade use black or a matching bias tape hot glued around the top edge of the lampshade. For the bottom bias tape or even fringe will finish it off with a thin piece of bias tape on top to give it a finished look.
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