What an Egg Head! Simple Crafts for Kids

"I need another craft! Quick! And it has to be easy!"

No problem!

What about making an egg head?

Whether you use tiny preplanted herbs, a plant or flowers or you choose a fast growing seed like a cheap package of grass seed, these little eggheads are fun and easy to make. The hardest part may just be getting the top of the egg off without cracking the rest of the egg. After that? Child's play.

Using a knife, tap the top of an egg to crack just the upper portion so you can remove the top and pour the contents out. Save them for a yummy omelet after your craft is done!

Prepare an egg holder by cutting a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll into two inch pieces. You can glue a strip of construction paper around the tube to make it bright and colorful.

If you add little buttons to resemble a shirt and even pipe cleaner arms you can complete your egg-heads 'body'.

Now comes the fun part! Use permanent markers to draw funny or cute faces on the front of your egg shell. Careful! Don't press too hard or you'll break the shell.

Fill your egg with one or two tablespoons of potting soil. Sprinkle grass seed for an adorable head of 'hair' on your egg within days, or for instant success for the hurried and hectic craft planner, have tiny little plants or flowers available for replanting in the potting soil.

After the fun is done you can actually plant the little egg-head in the soil to recycle this craft! It's a fun way to 'start' seedlings inside the house and as long as you enjoy pound cakes, angel food cakes and omelets, you'll ever been short on egg shells!

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