Quick Summer Craft for Kids - Decorated Shoe Laces!

Last night I briefly watched some old home movies of my kids when they were smaller. Seeing my 13 year old as a tiny little 1 year old toddler or that adorable 4 year old in her Winnie the Pooh slippers brought a smile to my face but it also brought back a lot of old memories!

This morning as I decided what today's article would be about I decided to dig out some of my old craft books I used when the kids were younger. I was a full time Mommy during part of my children's childhood and doing a daily craft or activity was typical. This is one my kids went on to do by themselves and with friends, and my 13 year old still decorates her shoes with pens and markers!

For young children make sure you cover the table top with brown paper or even wax paper or thick newspapers to protect the surface as you'll be using permanent markers.

Decorated Shoe Laces

Brown paper bags to cover the table
Flat shoe laces for tennis shoes
assorted permanent (Sharpie) markers
masking tape

Tape your shoelace into place on the brown paper to hold it in place so you can decorate in a pattern without it moving too much. Using the permanent markers, decorate one side of the shoe lace, let dry and flip over to decorate the other side. Don't hold the marker in one place too long or it will bleed through the other side in a big blob!


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