Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza

In 1998, purely by accident, we started a family tradition. My husband worked Friday nights so the kids and I would watch tv together while enjoying popcorn. Soon that included candy and before I knew it I implemented 'Family Pizza Night' with pizza for dinner followed by a movie and popcorn and candy and later, as the kids got older, soda.

Homemade pizza became a weekend staple at our house and although we had to revamp the schedule when my daughter was a Freshman in high school and cheered for varsity football games every night, we simply moved Pizza Night to Saturday night and for the past 'almost' 12 years now we've had this family tradition that kids and my husband won't let me out of... homemade pizza! Even my kids' friends know pizza night is Saturday at 6:30 and all are welcome, but you never know what kind you'll get. I make 2-3 pizza's and although I almost always make a pepperoni, the other versions vary each week from chicken ranch to bbq chicken, Greek inspired with feta cheese and spinach to my daughter's boyfriends favorite, sausage. One of their all time favorites is 'stuffed crust' pizza which is incredibly easy when you start with string cheese!

Roll your pizza crust out so the crust is about 1 1/2 inches larger than usual and hangs over the side of the baking stone or pan.

Roll up a stick of string cheese, continue all the way around your pizza and use your fingers to press the dough together and seal it.

Continue to top your pizza the way you normally would - with the sauce and toppings and baking as usual. Instant stuffed crust!

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