Children's Crafts: A Pencil Holder (or flowerpot, crayon holder, pen holder....)

When my kids were small they would run into the house after getting off the school bus, carefully holding their latest and greatest 'gift' for me. I received numerous pencil holders over the years, some from clay, others as simple as yarn wrapped around a soup can.

When we did this craft at home, I used one of my favorite quick craft books (Awesome Crafts for Kids) and painted little flower pots, then added glitter, buttons and ribbons for decor.

All you need is acrylic paints for the base color
A flat, wide paintbrush
a small 4 inch clay pot
craft glue or hot glue (up to you based on the age of your kids and your level of help)
small craft paints

Use the flat brush to paint the acrylic paint all over the clay pot. Let it dry. Glue whatever buttons, ribbons or 'doo dads' on you want - and you can use glitter and craft paints to add finishing touches. Dots, stripes, squiggles, fake little flowers with button faces... let your child's imagination run wild, let it dry and organize your many 'things'!
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