Almost Too Simple! Colorful Rock Crafts

It's almost too simple. It's almost laughable. But as a Mom of three kids who did this craft with her children twice when they were younger I am telling you... they loved this craft. I loved it because it was as simple as going out to the backyard landscaping and grabbing a few rocks and then finding the pencil box of discarded crayons. Add a piece of foil and you've got a craft ready to go!

Find rocks that are semi-smooth for even coverage. Using bright crayons, color as much of the rock as you can using patterns, swirls, solids... whatever your little helpers can come up with.

Place the rocks on a foil lined cookie sheet and bake them for 15 minutes at 200 degrees to melt the crayons. Don't handle them right away as they are hot! Let them cool and then have the children grab an old sock, turn it inside out and let them rub the rock to polish it up and make it shine.

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