A site for great instructions on installing a stair runner

When we moved into our home we were relocating from out of state and looking for a house quickly as our previous home had sold in just 4 days - before we could even go house hunting in the new city.

We ended up purchasing a new construction home that was carpeted with off white carpet. A 4 bedroom home, made for children, with white carpet. Needless to say the main stairway is showing some wear and tear now, after almost 5 years. I've been playing with the idea of installing a stair runner or carpet runner.

While looking for stair runner rugs online for our own home, I found great instructions for installing a stair runner rug here. They are from a site called Jacobsenrugs.com and I had bookmarked it in my personal files for use in the future. As of yet we haven't decided if we are going to install a stair runner on our main staircase or not but I've kept it bookmarked for our personal use 'just in case' as I thought the diagram and instructions were simple and straightforward.

I wanted to pass along the instructions for anyone else looking for a DIY stair runner installation. After looking online at various photos and images I'm pretty sure this is the direction I want to take. We installed a runner in one of our previous homes and was very happy with it. I think we would be in this home as well. I'll keep you up to date with our decision!

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