Fixing a ceramic plate with wood glue and a marker

Our main floor bath is decorated in dark chocolate browns, ivory and gold. It has a European theme with a beautiful framed black and white print in a gold burnished frame and matching ceramic plates in black, dark brown and gold with a French theme. The plates are hanging on the wall on a black iron rack.

One day I walked into the bathroom and although the plates were all in place I noticed one glaringly bright spot on the top one.

Someone had knocked it off and it had chipped.

With no piece of plate to fix it and wanting to be as frugal as possible I took the plate into the kitchen and stared at it. I needed a way to fix it that wouldn't cost money - and although it didn't have to be perfect I hoped I could repair it so that as the plates all hung on the wall, no one would be able to see the chip.

The antique yellow color of the plate had me stumped. There was no way a marker could match. Watercolors either as the shade was just too difficult. It had a shiny glaze to it as well that markers and watercolor couldn't match. Paint was a possibility but again, the matching issue - however I also we determined that I wasn't going to spend money on this 'fix it'. It had to be frugal... it had to be free.

As I opened the kitchen 'junk drawer' to help brainstorm, I saw a container of wood glue. Unlike regular craft and school glues that are white or clear, wood glue keeps it pale yellow color when it dries. Bingo. It was worth a try.

I filled in the chip with wood glue and let it dry. When it was finished I took a black Sharpie marker out of the drawer and filled in the black line on the perimeter. Unfortunately my Sharpie wasn't 'sharp' at all and the dull thick tip wasn't as crisp as I would have liked but the colors worked well together.

Up close I could see the repair but as I hung the plate back on the wall rack with the rest I had to admit that if you didn't know it was there, you never would notice it.

And thus far... no one has.

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