A Frugal Thank You for Teacher - a Tea Bag!

This morning my 'baby' just left for what will be her very last day of high school... ever. Yes, my oldest daughter is a senior and is graduating this weekend and today is the last day of school for her. My other two children still have a week but it's time to start getting the 'thank you' gifts for the teacher's ready.

What? I still do Thank You gifts for teachers even though my kids are in junior high and high school? Absolutely! And to the bus drivers and office staff too! Honestly I hated the 'end of year' gifts at the elementary age because a hyper room mother would start brainstorming grandeur idea's for gifts at the end of the year and then send out a letter or make a phone call asking for donations. Sometimes it was just $3 but other years and other classes it sometimes was up to $10 or $12. Frankly, as a full time stay-at-home-mom of three children at the time we did not have the funds. Seriously... not even $2 extra most days. We weren't on a 'frugal' budget... we didn't even have a budget!

So I was creative with my gifts and the teacher's always gave me a heart-felt and true 'thank you' at the end of the year for my Christmas and Thank You gifts for them. Back then the internet was a little smaller and one day (literally - years ago!) I came across a site that had free printable tea bags. You click on the graphic, open it in a new window in a larger, full size, print and then glue or tape the bag together and insert a little tea bag. I saved a few of these graphics to my computer and to this day I still have them. By looking at the small letters I see they came from a site called Alenka's Printables.

I'm so thankful she was gracious enough to make these... what a simple and beautiful teachers gift! A nice little card with them that say something about it being the end of the year and time to 'relax with a cup of tea' would be just perfect along with a tiny vase of fresh picked flowers.

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