Faux Houndstooth

Everything old is new again! Ok readers... I'm going to make you work again but don't worry - it's easy and the end result looks like you either spent a thousand bucks or slaved over it. Neither is true!

My husband says that every time he see's a houndstooth pattern he is reminded of the clothing his mother wore when he was young. Apparently she had a penchant for houndstooth polyester pants! Well, as everything comes full circle I see the pants and skirts were back in the stores this past Fall and winter and now you can enjoy it on a beautiful trunk in your home. This is from a book of mine that I bought probably 15 (?) years ago and I keep for brainstorming ideas. I collect home decor idea's like I do recipes... and add them to my collection!

You can click on the photo below to make it larger in your browser window.

You'll need:

Tan and black latex paint in a satin finish
mylar (unless you can find a pre-made pattern - buy that!)
Black sharpie style marker
sharp x-acto knife
cutting mat
houndstooth pattern or template *see below
painter's tape or low-tack tape
spray adhesive
an artist style paint or stenciling brush for detailing along with any trim paint you might want (like a bronze)

Pick the pattern of houndstooth you like best - here are 3 different versions you could blow up in size and either print on your printer or on a copier;

Be sure your object you are painting is cleaned and ready for paint. Paint your tan base coat and let dry completely.

Now use the mylar, x-acto knife, marker and cutting mat to make your pattern. Lay the clear plastic over the pattern, tape both into place and make a pattern, cutting it out carefully with the knife. Make sure you pay attention to where your pattern will repeat so it lines up.

Tape off a border for a finished look and then lay your pattern on the object and mark where it repeats and plan how it will stop the pattern and cut off on the opposite side. When you are happy with the layout, spray the back of the mylar pattern with the adhesive and start to lay it down and use the stencil brush to apply the dark paint. Let dry. When it's completely dry you can remove the painter tape and paint your border. Small squares, lines, rectangles or even long lines will all work fine or you could add a solid border. Have fun and play with it. Use this as an idea but make it your own!
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