"Thank You" Teacher! A simple fabric bag

This gift bag idea does involve a purchase... a small piece of fabric. A trip to your local fabric store or even your local Wal-mart if you happen to live near one that still has their fabric department (many across the nation closed their fabric departments down last year) will show a handful of adorable, cute or just plain pretty fabrics you can use - cheap! There are always bins for $1 and $2 a yard fabrics in the stores and chances are you'll find one that will work for you.

How much do you buy? That depends on what you are giving as your gift! I would buy 1 yard standard since it's affordable and you can cut it down to size or cut it into 2, 3 or even 10 small bags. While you are there, check out the $1 bins for a package of measuring tape to use as a 'ribbon' or if you can't find one for under a dollar go to the ribbon department and pick up a spool. A basic, thin spool of ribbon is typically on sale for $.33 - $1.00 and that is enough for many bags!

Fabric - cut to size depending on your gift - in a teacher's or children's theme
Ribbon or measuring tape to continue the 'teacher' theme (rulers) to tie the bag shut
12-15" thin small ribbon or twine to tie the gift card
rubber band
printer to print out the apple 'gift card' (or trace onto construction paper)
sewing machine to sew the bag or use strong hot glue or even iron on seam tape

Fold the fabric (you've cut out to double the size of your gift) in half, with the right (printed) sides together (facing each other) so you are looking at the backside. Smooth it out. Lay your gift on top to make sure it will fit inside by ensuring you have at least 2-3 inches all the way around to accommodate the thickness of your gift when placed inside.

Now remove the gift to set aside. Using your sewing machine, stitch down one long side, across the bottom and up the other length of the fabric. Leave the top open. Now turn your bag inside out. If you have to, use seam tape or a very strong hot glue to make the seams but sewing is optimal.

Now place the gift inside the bag, secure the top with the rubber band. Tie the measuring tape or ribbon around in a bow. Make a gift card to tie to the gift or use the apple design below to save to your computer (click to open in a new window, right click, 'save as' to your own computer and either use a program to color it first or print and color with markers, crayons or colored pencils). Punch a little hole, insert the tiny ribbon or twine and secure by tying or with hot glue to the bow on the gift.

Use your imagination, embellish, use different fabric, ribbon themes and gift cards to make a simple gift bag for any occasion and any holiday!

Resize the apple on your computer or your printer to make it smaller
to fit the size of your gift bag.

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