An Affordable Home Decor Item: Wrought Iron!

When I was looking for affordable items to decorate our last home, about 4-5 years ago I found myself drawn to the look of wrought iron objects. Candle holders and wall hangings; they were the style my personality was drawn to, were a nice dark color that matched the color scheme I wanted in our home and goes well with a variety of styles.

Best of all?

It's affordable!

I rarely, (rarely!) purchase decor for our home. I would love to buy more, but the money simply isn't there to spend on such items when we have groceries, clothing, shoes, sporting equipment and more to buy as well as keeping up with everyday bills. Luckily I've picked up pieces of iron decor over the past few years when I found them on sale or clearance, and since wrought iron is so interchangeable, the pieces work 'together' in our home even though some have been purchased 5 years apart from each other.

Floor stand candle holders cost me $14.99 at an outlet store. The candles cost more than the holders!

A simple wrought iron scroll above the door makes a very simple yet elegant 'welcome' design. I got this one for $14.99 at Pier One.

These are actually two separate pieces. The hanging candle holders came from JoAnn Fabrics for $9.99 for the set while the square mirrors above were actually a wall hanging with a chain connecting them that I found for $9.99 at Pier One Imports that I simply used a pair of pliers to pry apart and then hung them separately side by side across the top bar of the candle holder.

See how easy it is to mix and match? Affordable, fun and beautiful too!

(Top Photo: Pier One Imports for the center square piece; $35.99 and the two hanging side candle holders were on clearance at Target in the "outdoor" section for $7.99 each.)
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