Reupholstering 8 chairs for just $22. Cheap and Frugal!

Last week I mentioned that I bought some affordable curtains for the kitchen and patio doors. Style was a little important but I mostly had to just find something that matched the color of our kitchen walls. I loved the curtains and panels we had up but after 4 years in our home they were sun faded and needed to be replaced. When I found the striped balloon curtains (above) I bought them, put them up and then didn't like them, took them back down, cut them, resewed them and completely redesigned them but that's not the point of this post. LOL.

The point is that our chair cushions were ivory (you can see them in the background of the photo below) and as much scrubbing and spot cleaning as I did, I couldn't get them to look as crisp and pretty as they were when they were new. It was time to take them apart and reupholster them.

Without really knowing what I was doing, as I've never done this before, I could have spent an hour in the fabric store trying to match one or more of the colors in the curtains to the new chair fabric but I decided the best way to be sure the chairs matched the new curtains was to... use curtains!

I bought a package of matching window panel curtains for $22.

The first thing I did was flip the chairs over and unscrew each of the seats and remove them completely. Flipping the wooden seats over you can see where the original staples are. I used a screw driver to remove them from the first chair and take off the original fabric.

Here is the chair seat taken apart. The original fabric on the left and the wood and padding on the right.

Using the original fabric as a guide I laid out my panel curtains, smoothed them, and laid the chair seat fabric on top. I was happily surprised to see the approximate 23"X23" piece of chair fabric meant I could fit 6 chairs out of just 1 panel! Each $22 package comes with 2 panels which meant I had more than enough fabric for 8 chairs.

Because the fabric is stapled under the chair you don't have to worry about any seams or sewing. Just cut your panel to fit around the wood and padding and then pull the edges tightly around the seat cushion, using a heavy duty stapler to attach the fabric.

Because I was using a striped fabric I made sure to lay the fabric panels out the same way for all the seat cushions so the stripes all faced the same direction. I only removed the original fabric from one cushion to use as a pattern. I left the original on the rest and simply covered over them because removing the fabric was very time consuming and it served no purpose after I had my pattern.

When I was finished covering the seat cushions I then reattached the seats to each of the chairs, being care to screw them in tightly. Flipping the chair over it was finished! And matched my curtains perfectly.

Total cost for 8 chairs; $22 (the cost of 1 package of window curtain panels).
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