Painting and Glazing an Old Bookshelf

In almost everyone's home I wonder if there is a neglected, well used, old bookcase. I know there is in our home! Having put it's time in years ago, and was cheap to begin with, the back board is bowed and none of the kids want to claim it so it sits unloved in the basement storage.

Now is the time to pull it out!

When I saw this idea in a decorating craft book I knew it was the answer to the old 'fake' oak bookcase we had. We didn't quite get ours to look like theirs (I didn't use a top piece of wood although I might add that in the future) but we did refinish our bookshelf to give it new life.

1 white bookshelf
wainscoting to fit the back of the shelves
1/2 inch trim moulding to cover the front edges
a wood shelf slightly larger than the top of the shelving unit
miter box (if you want perfect cuts)
pale pink latex paint, satin and a water based glazing liquid if you want to give it a shabby chic look
finishing nails
wood filler
paint roller
small paint brush

Remove the bowed back of the shelves. Meaure and cut the wainscoting to fit the back of your unit. Cut the trim molding to fit the front and side edges. Miter the corners for a 'pretty' finish. Cut the wood shelf to the right length for the top of the unit to give it a finished look 0 sand the edges to round them. Prime the board. Do not prime the wainscoting or trim!

Mix the pale pink glaze. Wash the glaze of the wainscoting (which is already white) and the trim molding with a rag. Attach the wainscoting to the back of the unit with finishing nails. Countersink the the nails for a finished look. Attach the shelf. Countersink nailheads.

Fill the nail holes with the wood filler. Let dry. Sand smooth and touch up with primer and paint.

Apply 2 base coats of pale pink latex to the wood top. Nail the trim molding to the side and front edges. Countersink and fill. Touch up primaer and pink glaze. Let dry.
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