Making the Gift of a Candle Just a Little More Special

A couple weeks ago I grabbed one of my old (10? 12?) books of gift ideas and crafts and as I flipped through the pages I saw this one and thought of Valentine's Day. Candles are a nice gift and many will give them, but they are certainly hard to wrap unless you are just going to pop them into a paper bag and throw some tissue in it.

I think you can do better than that.

I like this idea; material. Find or purchase a piece of beautiful material with a satin sheen or even tulle. Gather it round your candle Sew or hot glue the edges together to make 'seams' to completely envelope your candle in the pretty, gauzy material. You can gather the top and tie it off with a ribbon or try to copy the photo above and twist the material, hot gluing it into place to form a rose.

Add a little tag or name card and perhaps even hot glue a sprig of fake flowers (photo above) to the side and you have a gift you can be proud of!
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