Update on the No Sew Tutu or Handmade Tutu

A few weeks ago I posted about the no sew tutu I was excited to make. Life around our household has just been crazy with five schedules to keep up with, Thanksgiving plans, out of town visitors and more so I didn't get to the tutu until last night.

My intention is to give one to my niece but as I was finishing this one last night my 12 year old daughter saw it and squealed and requested I pretty pretty please make her one too! I guess when it comes to things pink and frilly we never grow up. I love them too!

Although this is a no-sew tutu skirt, I'm not afraid to sew and like to do it, so in the end I used a length of 4 inch pink ribbon to fold over the top of the skirt and sew a simple straight line to 'finish' it off. If you can afford $4 at walmart for a spool of ribbon and can sew a straight line, I would suggest giving this step a try. It reinforces the skirt as well as making it look dainty and pretty.

Using the instructions in the video in my other post (linked above) here are some photos of my progress to help you.

The ribbon I used for the skirt and the tulle cut into 3-4 inch strips

I chose to use 3 colors. My main colors were dark pink and light pink with just a touch of gold glitter for every 6 of the others.

This is how it starts to look as you make it.

Here you can stop and you have a perfectly wonderful skirt for your little girl. However, I don't mind sewing so I used 4 inch wide satin ribbon to fold over and pin in place.

Here is the ribbon pinned into place and ready to sew a straight line to make a simple seam. Done!

These can be used for dress up fun but also, done in the correct colors you could use them for gifts, celebrations, weddings, even incorporate the idea into prom or a flower girl dress. Have fun with it and at about a dollar a yard... it's cheap!!!
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