Brainstorming Some Affordable Meal Ideas

Discover (or rediscover) Cheap, Affordable Meals! This week I had a fairly expensive grocery shopping trip as I was purchasing the ingredients to make holiday baking. In addition to the graham crackers, chocolate chips, molasses, Hershey's Kisses, butter and more I also had to pick up a few regular groceries.

I found myself walking slowly through the aisles and brainstorming 'cheap' meals. Meals that I could make that would be good and filling but started with an affordable base or something I could use from another meal. Because we eat all our meals at home (we rarely eat out) most of our meals are affordable, but just to brainstorm a few for you:

Some ideas;

Dry pasta, a bottle of spaghetti sauce and a loaf of french bread; $5

15/16 Bean Soup

A package of 15 or 16 bean soup beans, leftover ham or a package bought, soup ingredients; $5

Tater Tot Casserole
A pound of ground beef, a can of soup, package of frozen tater tots or fries; $6

Cream of
anything Soup and Bread
Milk or half and half, vegetables, cheese, loaf of french bread; $5
(We like cream of spinach soup, cheese soup, cheese vegetable soup, cream of jalapeno soup, etc.)

Vegetable Soup and bread
Stew Beef, a potato, tomato juice, various vegetables (either frozen or leftover), french bread; $7

Hamburgers and Fries
Pound of ground beef, a package of buns, package of frozen fries and a vegetable; $7

Stir Fry
Brown Rice, 1 lb. of beef or chicken, vegetables, stir fry sauce of your choice or seasoning package; $7

Grilled or Broiled fish fillet and vegetables
1 lb. affordable frozen white fish (cod is always cheap!), package of broccoli or vegetable mix, rice; $7

Burritos, Spanish Rice and Beans
Refried beans, cheese, flour tortillas, brown minute rice, black beans, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes; $8

There are so many more but honestly I just sat and brainstormed these off the top of my head. The prices are based on what we pay here, although I know my friends in the Southern states have more affordable grocery prices than we do. You might find your cost cheaper as I know ground beef tends to run about a dollar a pound less than it does here.
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