Personalized Princess Pillow Case

Although I wanted to post this little budget friendly gift idea yesterday I had to wait... it was a gift for the daughter of a fellow blogger and I didn't want her to happen by my blog and see it before the party! LOL.

There is something about this little princess that I just adore. Always have! I've known her since before she was born, almost helped name her (my version was Callan) and was one of her first visitors to the hospital when she finally entered the world. Other than my own kids, she and her sister are the only kids photographs that continually grace the front or side of my refrigerator. So, if there is one child on the face of this earth that I would spend $50-100 on besides my own children, she would be it.

Unfortunately I don't have an extra $50 right now. As a matter of fact, the last 6 weeks of unexpected bills have kicked our backsides pretty good so venturing out to find the perfect gift for Princess Caelan found me on a budget.

My first choice was that I wanted to purchase fabric markers, transfer paper, a new pillow case and some ribbon - and make a personalized pillow case for her. After pricing out the markers ($20) and the fabric transfer paper ($16) and the pillowcase ($5) as well as the ribbon ($3) - It would be almost $50! I couldn't afford that right now so I went with my second choice; something perfect for her personality. I picked out a pair of pink fairy wings, a pink light up princess wand, long fake pink hair and a cute little dress up fairy princess costume.

But... it's not what I wanted to get her.

I decided that I was going to make the personalized princess pillowcase... no matter what. So I went home, took inventory of what I had to work with and went back to buy what I needed. The photo above is what we ended up with and because I found out I already had a couple things downstairs in my craft storage... it was in budget after all!

The best thing about my decision? Four (4) other people at the party got her the fairy princess dress up clothing, wings and hair as well as sparkly shoes. As much as you can never have too many dress up clothes (believe me, with two daughters you can never have too many dress up clothes!) I was glad I went with my pillowcase idea.

Personalized Princess Pillowcase

1 sheet of a washable, iron on t-shirt transfer
1 new, prewashed pillow case
fabric paint or fabric markers
Ric Rac Ribbon, bows, etc.
Scanned or uploaded photo to use in your computer files or on a disc

Open a program or view your photograph that you want to use for the craft. If you have an editing program, use that to add words, designs or props. If not, just use the photo, cropped exactly as you want it to look on the finished product. Print according to the directions on your transfer paper package. My package had me use a plain paper setting, no reverse image. Center the photo and iron on the pillowcase according to the package directions. Let cool.

Using a whimsical pattern sew ric rac or ribbon around the photograph or in whatever pattern you want. Then use bows or buttons to embellish (keeping in mind you want the finished product to be soft and smooth as possible as the child will probably use it to sleep on. You might want to remind the parent to have the child flip the pillowcase over to actually sleep on).

Embellish with squiggles, circles, dots and words as you wish using either fabric markers or paints.

Let dry.

Wrap and present!

Close up of some of the embellishment I used

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