How to Apply Word Art or Wall Words

A little over a year ago I ordered my first "wall words" or "word art" from a neighbor who hosted a party and became a distributor. I bought a large (almost 5 foot) word HOME with smaller "where your story begins" to go in front of it and placed it above the fireplace mantel in the Family Room. At the time the purchase also earned me a smaller 'freebie' which was the word "Welcome" with a scroll design above it.

Try as I might I couldn't find a place for it in our home!

I finally gave up and place it in the closet intending to use it in our next home or maybe even give it to my Mother.

However, this past week I rearranged the wall decor in our home and when I moved the wrought iron into the Living Room it was ok but it needed 'something'. That 'something' had to be free as my budget did not allow for any purchases right now! And that 'something', I decided, would be the Word Art from the closet.

As I was applying it I remembered how intimidated I was last year when I bought the first set. I didn't want to mess it up and worried I wouldn't apply it correctly. Remembering this, I grabbed the camera to take photos of the steps this time to share with my readers.

Your word art will come rolled up with backing paper on it. On the backing paper are also little arrows to help you line up the words on the wall - but you leave these on the paper and don't rub them off with your word art.

After deciding where you want the words to go, use a ruler or yard stick to determine a straight line and lightly make marks on the wall that you can erase later. Use those marks to line up your arrows so your words are straight. Use painters tape or masking tape to hold the words in place and stand back to look at them and make sure it's where you want it.

Following the directions that come with your art you need to remove the backing paper and then use the credit card styled plastic to rub the design on.

You have to rub firmly to get the words to stick to the wall and come off the paper. Start to peel a corner gently to check it's coming off correctly. My "Welcome" was not coming off well since it was so old so I had to use my fingernail to gently 'start' each letter as I peeled off the paper.

After you transfer the words to the wall and remove the paper, you are done!

Stand back and admire your beautiful walls.
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